Star Trek. An inspiration for the development of technology and the Sci-Fi genre's representation in TV & Film, as well as being a fantastic franchise that is loved worldwide. Whilst the show and the movies are constantly represented through the exhibitors stalls we have featured at our event, and in some of the displays you may see at the events, meeting one of your favourite characters is not an experience that can be forgotten.

We are pleased to announce that Nana Visitor and Jeffrey Combs will be attending our Collectormania 24: Film & Comic Con Birmingham event on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June 2017.

Nana Visitor came onto the Star Trek scene with her first appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Kira Nerys, a former freedom fighter who was working to drive the Cardassians from her home planet of Bajor. From there she became a 1st Officer with Starfleet.

Jeffrey Combs appeared in multiple series within the Star Trek universe, including Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. He has portrayed 9 different on screen roles, with his largest (and favourite!) role being the Vorta Clone Weyoun. Jeffrey was also the first actor to have played two unrelated recurring roles on screen in the same episode.

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