John Barrowman is the exemplar of a 'Jack' of all trades - there's not one thing that John Barrowman MBE hasn't tried. Actor, presenter, singer, novelist, entertainment king and Pantomime queen. Everything he touches turns to gold!

John is arguably best known for his roles as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood, the spin-off to sci-fi juggernaut Doctor Who, as well as the main show itself - appearing regularly with Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston and Tenth Doctor David Tennant between 2005-2010.

He also embraced his evil side with a menacing turn as Malcolm Merlyn in DC's Arrow. With recent appearances in DC'S Legend's of Tomorrow and The Flash, we won't be seeing the last of John in the DC Universe.

John's talents don't stop there, along with sister Carole. E Barrowman they have a smash hit series of novels including Hollow Earth, Exodus Code and their most recent novel Conjuror released last year. Establishing them as serious, hard to beat writers.

John is also a pro at conventions. Travelling around the world he has amassed a massive loyal following which we are sure will turn out for his appearance here at Showmasters Collectormania! 

We are super excited to welcome him to Birmingham on both Saturday and Sunday of the convention.

You can buy entry tickets and photo sessions HERE


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