One man’s Astronaut is another man’s Colonel

Farscape - quite possibly one of the best sci-fi shows ever created. With it’s perfect mix of oddball characters and arching plot lines, Jim Henson captured the imaginations of many sci-fi fans.

The first episode sees astronaut John Crichton, played by Ben Browder, attempting to prove his theory that Earth’s gravity can be used to propel a ship to previously unrecorded speeds. A wormhole opens during the test flight and Crichton, in his ship ‘Farscape One’ is pulled in and shot through space to another Galaxy. From then on, things just get stranger and stranger. Crichton travels through space on a living ship, complete with motley alien crew, trying not to get killed or eaten.

Browder had four successful seasons on Farscape before it was cruelly snatched away - read as ‘cancelled’ - and he had to find another sci-fi world to join. He succeeded when a role came up in Stargate SG1. Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchel took his place as head of SG1 in season 9, vowing to reunite the scattered team of original members. After the show wrapped up, he reprised the role for the movies Stargate: Continuum and Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

Browder has also appeared in several popular TV shows including CSI, Doctor Who, Arrow and Chuck.

Like many other SG-1 actors the star is credited for writing for the show, with the same being applicable for Farscape. Don't miss your opportunity to meet this rare guest!
Ben will be appearing on both days at the show, with tickets for  photo shoots already available to purchase HERE

By Danielle Allen


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