Cosplay Guest

My name is Laura Jean, though online I've been going by Envyious or Envy. I live near London, about an 1 hour away having moved down here 4 years ago from the Midlands. I'm a massive video game addict, I used to a hardcore raider on WoW, spent far too many hours on League of Legends and poured endless evenings into Elderscrolls and Dragon age, when I'm not watching anime of course. 

I was introduced to cosplay just over 2 years ago now by an old college friend, having seen her wearing various marvel costumes and posting them on Facebook. She introduced me to cosplay, this new weird and wonderful hobby which I've fallen head over heels for. 
 I made my first costume, classic Nidalee from league of legends out of my living room cushions, fur from a bed throw and a tree branch from the local park. I'd never been to a convention, only heard about them in passing from friends and occasional internet posts. It felt like home, I got to combine my love for games, crafting and acting all in one. I got to bring my favorite characters to life while meeting a ton of people who all felt their same about their own games and characters. 



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