Our Gaming Zone at Collectormania will be carefully curated by Replay Events to bring you the greatest classic of retro gaming as well as what current gaming has to offer including VR

Within the Gaming Zone we will have the following features: 



Modern Gaming:

The next-gen gaming zone - a selection of the latest AAA PS4 and Xbox One titles for you to try. We will also have a number of Xbox Live and PSN games running – the quirkier and leftfield titles you may not have seen before. 

For PC fans we'll have a smattering of high spec PCs running the latest and greatest independently produced multiplayer games.


Retro Gaming:

We'll have the fun of the ages with a retro zone, from Pong to PlayStation 3 and everything in between - over 50 playable machines! 



A Minecraft Zone running custom maps in creative and survival modes!


LAN Gaming:

We'll have a LAN Gaming Zone  with Quake, Command and Conquer, Counterstrike and more all available to play. 


Virtual Reality: 

And finally, have you ever wanted to test VR? We'll have Oculus VR, HTC Vive and PSVR setups for you to try!


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